The Shade Show Comedy Podcast is a group of friends who tell jokes, get into debates, and get a kick out of making fun of everyone. Originally done in group messages has spawned into a creative outlet that produces weekly shows.

The show was created, written and produced by Dion in 2015 in partnership with Fenel.

In 2015 The Shade Show Podcast changed the podcast landscape when started their weekly comedy podcast offering an inside look at the lives of people you didn’t even know you cared about. Starting in Season 1 the guys did a weekly Top 5 along with ending the show with a random rant sure to get the people talking.

The Shade Show Comedy Podcast is made up of main Hosts Dion Myers, along with Mike Myers, Aaron Guzman, Chris Myers and occasionally Michael Jay.

Each week you can count on us to break down pop culture, debate current events and tell hilarious stories from our lives.

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